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5 Myths about Websites, What’s the Truth? 

There’s a lot a misconception about what it takes to create and market a website and you’ll hear people say a lot about what it means to have a website. Hear them out but take the information with a grain of salt, because myths like the ones we covered here are very common.

You should do your own independent research about how to create the type of website you need. By making informed choices, you’ll avoid all the myths and stick to the reality of what it takes to have a great business website.

Keep reading and find out if there are any myths on our list that you believe to be true.

  • Website Myth #1: “That seems easy, I can do it myself”

First question: You’re a web developer? If you are, this is absolutely true!

If you’re not…The first thing to do is look at how much your billable hour is, then decide how long you think it will take you to learn several languages and design concepts… then do the math. Likely you’ve already realized you can save money by hiring an agency! You are awesome at what you do… and likely that is not web design.

Consider how important your website is to your business. Your first impression is to most of your prospects. What is that worth?

  • Website Myth #2: “I don’t need a Website”

Many people think that having a website is only for eCommerce business owners who are selling products or services online. Often, these people are business owners themselves but of the brick-and-mortar variety. They don’t see the value in having a website and are happy to generate leads through word of mouth like they always have.

But… all types of businesses need a website and not just to attract new people. Having one helps build a relationship with customers, too. The more information you provide for your visitors, the more trust you’ll earn, and that’s critical when you’re trying to grow your business.

  • Website Myth #3: “I’ll be on the first page of Google right away”

Having a website doesn’t mean that new customers will automatically find you on the first page of Google when they search for keywords. Even doing all the things you’re told to do, like including key words everywhere, is not going to magically put you in the coveted top-10 search results for any given keyword.

URLs that have been around for a while get a higher ranking from Google, so you need a bit of patience.

Your best bet to get more visitors is to consistently publish content, for example with a blog. Think about it: If you publish 1 blog post a week, after a year you have 52 additional pages that Google can index and use to direct traffic to your website, compared to your basic 5-10 pages.

  • Website Myth 4: “The more Features, the Better”

It’s a misconception that having more features on your website will make it better. Sometimes, people add features to their website without considering their value. They end up offering a whole array of things to their audience that aren’t really needed. More features mean more choices, and that just makes it tougher for consumers to make a decision.

We recommend that you keep your website simple. Your audience doesn’t care about bells and whistles. What they care about is the value they get from your products or services. Too many features on your website will detract from the site’s main purpose, so it’s best to leave out any features that don’t add value for your visitors.

  • Website Myth #5: “Once my site is created, It’s difficult to make changes”

Truth is, it’s not difficult to make changes to your website. Most WordPress-powered websites have a user-friendly interface, so you can easily add new content and keep your website updated. However, you’re awesome at what you do and you shouldn’t have to worry about keeping your website up-to-date, setting up forms and making sure your web presence is being used to its full potential. Imagine if you had a trusted team on your side maintaining it all for you. Wouldn’t that be more manageable than handling those confusing and annoying issues?

We thought so too!

We’ve heard a lot of opinions when it comes to digital marketing, and web development and design. No doubt there’s many ways to achieve goals and solve problems, and here at Blimx we have our own proven process that delivers results.

However one thing to remember is that in the end, every process requires trust. Trust in yourself that you’re making great decisions for your company, and also trusting in turn, that the digital marketing agency you choose will help you accurately express your company to the world.


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