The guidelines of the brand is a form of communication with users, it is your form and how your followers and subscribers see you.

The brand guidelines may contain sections such as: Mission, Vision, values, personality, tone, the objectives of your brand, among others.


It is important that your brand is recognized and trusted.

Establish Rules and Rules

The guidelines of your brand are composed of rules on how to use the visual elements of your brand, this will define when you are going to use a logo in front of a word mark, such as spacing the logo, among other rules.


Keeping your brand consistent allows you to be more immediately recognizable within an industry and with your audience. Creating a recognizable brand can last a long time, but your brand can be distinguished quickly by adhering to your brand guidelines.

Stay focused

When presenting new products or services, a brand may stretch too much. By implementing brand guidelines they help you direct the interests of your business with your target audience.


When the brand identity is consistent, the perceived value of a brand increases.

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