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Buyer person, or simply person, is a fictional character that is constructed from the ethnography of a population (age, sex, customs, beliefs, among many others), with psychological profile, qualities and similar behaviors. It should be clarified that for the same product or service, a company can create different profiles of Buyer Personas.

buyer Persona is the fictitious representation of your ideal customer. It is based on real data about the behavior and demographic characteristics of your clients, as well as a creation of their personal stories, motivations, objectives, challenges and concerns. A good definition of Buyer Persona goes through the contact with your target audience, so that in a quick analysis you can identify common characteristics among potential buyers.

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Why create a Buyer Persona? The creation of Buyer Personas is seen as a fundamental step in a Digital Results Marketing strategy. We create Buyer People to send the right message to the right individuals and thus generate greater chances of success. Without a defined Person Buyer, in some cases your strategy may be lost and you end up speaking in Spanish with someone who only understands Greek; or promoting cuts of meat for someone vegetarian; u offering your product for class A to people of class C; among other examples. So we list some reasons that demonstrate the importance of creating Buyer Personas for your business: Determine the type of content you need to achieve your goals; Define the tone and style of your content; Help design your marketing strategies by presenting to the public that you should focus; Define the topics you should write about; Understand where potential customers look for your information and how they want to consume it.


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