• Mejora Continua

    Mejora Continua

    La mejora continua es una herramienta para cualquier proceso o servicio, la cual permite un crecimiento y optimización de factores importantes de la empresa que mejoran el rendimiento de esta en forma significativa. Una vez que la mejora continua determina las variables de mayor impacto al proceso y servicio se les debe dar seguimiento en

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  • How to Build an Email List

    How to Build an Email List

    If you’re starting from zero, building an impressive email list can feel like an impossible feat. Here, we’ll cover some high-quality strategies to build an email list from scratch. Best of all, these strategies are designed to cultivate a loyal email subscriber base, so you can use your emails to attract better long-term customers. Create

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  • What Skills Do Digital Marketers Need?

    What Skills Do Digital Marketers Need?

    Today’s digital marketing experts must have a diverse skill set, including a sophisticated grasp of available media channels, the ability to identify up-and-coming opportunities, on top of having the basic skills of a brilliant marketer. What’s more, they have to possess a balance of critical and creative thinking skills in order to drive measurable success

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  • How to do Keyword Research?

    How to do Keyword Research?

    How to do Keyword Research One of the most requested topics by Clients is to improve SEO performance. While initially defining parameters and keywords for positioning, those of us working in Digital Marketing, we are called to keep the SEO strategy alive and functioning. For this we must work: Keywords of Brand Product Keywords Keywords

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  • How to Advertise on Google

    How to Advertise on Google

    How to Advertise on Google With 40,000 search queries processed every second (yes, you read that right), Google’s strength as a search engine is unquestionable. With so many people flocking to type their life’s biggest questions into that waiting empty box – from locating the nearest paint supply store to how to perform CPR on

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  • The Persuasive Power

    The Persuasive Power

    According to the numbers, they might actually be more important to your bottom line than you might expect. Data shows that testimonials are proven to increase conversions and play a major role in customer research and buying habits. In fact, according to Zendesk, 90% of respondents who read online reviews said that positive reviews influence their

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