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Optimize the Management of your Instagram

It is difficult to find 100% optimal solutions, similar to those that exist for other networks, which allow programming and at the same time manage and obtain complete analytics about our accounts, since the Instagram API does not facilitate publishing from other tools.

But there are platforms and apps that can help us plan our content, save time, streamline the management of the account on a day-to-day basis and even get some useful information to optimize our publications.


This tool for PC (the mobile version still leaves something to be desired) allows you to schedule publications in a very simple way. You just have to register your accounts and start uploading images. You can choose the size of the photo, add text, emojis and filters.

Onlypult allows you to manage up to 20 accounts at a time and organize publications in calendars for months or weeks.

The tool proposes several categories of volume hashtags, organized by themes (gastronomy, travel, etc), so you can add to your publications and increase your reach. Also, create a category with the ones you use regularly so you do not have to write them each time.

One of the main advantages of Onlypult is that you can get some useful information about your accounts. In addition to a graph of followers’ growth, number of interactions and average Likes and comments per publication, the tool offers two very relevant data: the best days and hours of the week to publish -based on the connectivity of your audience and the number of interactions you get – and, best of all, the hashtags of your publications that generate more interactions.

Sked Social

It is very similar to Onlypult. This tool, also for PC, allows you to manage multiple accounts at once, schedule publications to which you can add text, filters and emojis and has a calendar to organize your images on a monthly or weekly basis.

Actually it is the old Schedule, but will allow new features such as the ability to publish on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. The prices are totally personalized according to the accounts you want to register and the number of followers that each one has.

You have already realized the main advantage of these PC tools. Yes. You can stop sending the images to download them on your smartphone and from there “log in” and “log out” with each of the accounts to publish. You can also get different analytical data that will allow you to optimize your results month after month.


With this super simple tool you can schedule publications as you prefer: from your computer or mobile phone. It offers the possibility to make the photo at the moment or upload it from your gallery, write the text, add emojis and program it on the day and time you want.

At the time indicated for the publication, the app sends you a push notification that you must accept to publish. The downside is that is when you must apply the filter by hand, tag people and geolocate the publication. This is the least comfortable part of the application. Even so, it can be ideal for those who retouch their images from other applications and worry about the appearance of the set of photos in their feed.

The best is that it lets you publish up to 30 photos for free from two different accounts and allows you to manage several at once.


From the creators of JustUnfollow, the new Publish-On allows you to manage several Instagram accounts from smartphone (paid from the second).

The main advantage of this application is that it learns about your account with the passing of days and based on your publications, your audience and your interactions. It recommends the best time to publish and thus get as many views as possible. These statistics are improving as you use the application. It suggests you hashtags (for the moment, like the rest of the application, in English) and as with Latergramme, a push notification asks you to confirm the publication.


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