Ecommerce Web Design Plan


• Up to 10 Pages (home and contact are included)
• 10 Email Accounts Setup
• Basic Search Engine Submission (SEO)
• Mobile Responsive Friendly
• Social Media Integration
• Contact Form With Anti-Spam Filter
• Slider Home Page
• Portfolio
• Blog Setup
• Testimonials
• Analytics
• Chat On Line
• Newsletter Mailing List
• Gallery
• Cookies Privacy PolicyTerms & Conditions &
Privacy Policy
• Store Back-End & Admin Panel
• Up To 10 Products Setup
• Paypal Buttons & Merchant And Gateway

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Online Store Future Summary

  • Stock level tracking
  • Alerts
  • Sales reports
  • Product data panel
  • Mobile apps
  • Automatic Tax calculations
  • Geo-location support
  • Integrations
  • Store management

Up to 10 Pages (home and contact are included)

10 Email Accounts Setup
Set Up 10 Corporate Email accounts. It includes Set Up Anti-Spam Filter and anti-Virus Protection (if your hosting provider service includes Email Protection)

Basic Search Engine Submission (SEO)
Submit your Website to Google
Submit your Website to Bing
Submit your Website to Yandex
Submit your Website to Baidu
Submit RSS feed to Google
Submit Google Webmaster Tools
Submit site to Bing Webmaster Tools

Mobile Responsive Friendly
Responsively designed websites do exactly as phrase suggest. They “respond” to the screen size of the device being used. With responsive design, the layout of the website will scale from the smaller screens of mobile, tablets, and small laptops, to the standard desktop screen and even larger wide screen monitors.

Social Media Integration
Social Media Icons: integration includes placing visible social media buttons on your website, linking to your various profiles. Depending on your type of business and audiences, you might have several different social media profiles, such as:
• Facebook
• LinkedIn
• Twitter
• YouTube
• Pinterest, etc.

Contact Form with Anti-Spam Filter
While some spam is manually submitted, the vast majority is posted by bots scripted in a specific way to submit spam to the largest number of form types. reCAPTCHA is a service that protects your website from spam and abuse. reCAPTCHA uses an advanced risk analysis engine and adaptive challenges to keep automated software from engaging in abusive activities on your site. It does this while letting your valid users pass through with ease.

Slider Home Page
Content sliders are a set of exceptionally resourceful variety of navigation tools that are utilized to present different types of information (images or pictures, posts or blogs, variety of news as well as information about different types of products and their features) in the web pages. This package includes up to 3 images under the header.

The Portfolio is a page that displays a set of posts by category or all categories, depending on what you choose. There are many ways in which a portfolio can be developed, and we explore different constructions of portfolios, ranging from prescriptive formats to open-ended frameworks. In your portfolio, you can show a set of images, your posts or special portfolio posts. After your site’s content has been added, you’ll be able to continue where we leave off. We recommend keeping your content fresh by continuing to add more portfolio projects, blog posts or other new site content. This package includes one portfolio page.

Cookies Privacy Policy
A Cookies Policy is a policy explaining detailed and specific information about the cookies your website uses. The policy should explain the use of cookies and how a user can limit or prevent the placement of cookies on a device. If your site collects contact or location information, privacy policies regarding those types of data are relatively self-explanatory and easy to understand. Simply put, if your site collects details such as a user’s name, address, email address, or other biographical or location data, a privacy policy outlines the types of information collected, why it is needed, how it used and how it is disseminated (or provided to other parties. Cookie Policies must outline the types of data stored on and retrieved from your computer and in what matter the server and website uses the information.

Blog Setup
A blog is a part of a website in which items are posted on a regular basis and displayed in reverse chronological order. The term blog is a shortened form of weblog or web log. Your blog gives you the opportunity to create relevant content for your customers. Use this as a marketing tactic to drive traffic back to your website. The complete blog setup package includes the design of a single post. Each page can be used as a post on social networks.

The purpose of an FAQ is generally to provide information on frequent questions or concerns. Search engines love FAQ pages because they provide relevant content to help Google understand your business. This means that you need lots of good content to help your business get found in search engines. Therefore, you should include specific and detailed questions on your FAQ page.

Customer testimonials are more important than ever. A company’s reputation is only a few keystrokes away. And with that in mind, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your reputation stays positive. The best strategy is to collect as many customer testimonials as you can, this package includes up to 10 testimonials in your website.

Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool offered by Google to help you analyze your website traffic. Is used to track the website activity of the users such as session duration, pages per session, bounce rate etc. along with the information on the source of the traffic. This package includes the integration with your google business account, google platform and google search console. And we will create a google analytics account to be able to collect information.

Chat Online
If you want to make your website livelier, then adding a website chat widget is perhaps one of the more effective solutions for increasing user engagement and growing your sales. By putting a proper website chat widget on your site, you will get real-time feedback and sales from site visitors regarding your product, services, or content. This package includes only one user connect at a time.

Newsletter Mailing List
Building an email list is crucial to the growth of your web-based business. When you have an email list you can get traffic and make sales on demand. To give you a head start with email marketing, we won’t just add email opting forms to your website, we will integrate the forms with your autoresponder account and make sure they are General Data Protection Regulation compliant.

Image galleries are the best way to showcase your images and keep your visitors interested. An attractive photo gallery for your website is one of the strongest assets in building your online business. It turns your website into a dynamic platform that can attract visitors, retain them and convert customers. According to marketing case studies, a person who sees some information in a picture will remember 65% of it 3 days later. If you are looking for a simple and practical way to visually represent your work, photo galleries can be a great choice. This package includes an attractive gallery up to 20 images in your website.

Terms & Conditions
These set out the legal rights and between you and the users of your website. Your website terms and conditions should cover: ownership and copyright of the website’s content. Most websites, especially commercial websites, have a portion of the site devoted to Terms & Conditions, because it’s the most important document for letting site users know what is expected of them.

Privacy Policy
A Privacy Policy document for a website is a kind of like a promise the website or app is making to its users about how it treats the information it collects from them. The Privacy Policy is considered an agreement, because users manifest their assent by continuing to use the website. One of the primary functions of a Privacy Policy document is to let the user know exactly how information is collected from them, whether that is active collection (like asking the user certain questions) or passive collection (like using cookies). If the user goes in knowing what to expect, it is less likely that there will be problems between the user and the website/app down the road.

Store Back-End & Admin Panel
The back-end of the store is the part that customers never see. It’s the backrooms, filled with boxes and boxes of product that hasn’t yet been placed on the shelves.
The Administrator application, also known as the Back-end, Admin Panel or Control Panel, is the interface where administrators and other site officials with appropriate privileges can manipulate the look of web site. There are many tasks which can be done with the administrator interface.

Up To 10 Products Setup
This package includes publishing up to 10 products.

PayPal Button
PayPal button is a payment system provided by PayPal that allows your customers to use a PayPal account to make payments. Accepting PayPal payments, you can simply add buttons to your site. All shipping, billing and customer details are completed on the PayPal Express checkout page before the customer is returned to your website.

Merchant and Gateway Accounts
A merchant account is an account that enables merchants to process online credit and debit payments. Your payment gateway (or whatever entity set up the account for you) deposits the funds from your credit card sales there. According to a designated schedule as determined by your payment gateway, the funds are automatically transferred from your merchant account into your business bank account, which you set up for yourself.

  1. Carla Horna

    We have been working for over a year with Blimx and they have been fantastic! Their prices are great and service is even better. They are very responsive to any needs that you have. Their products have been great and they offer a wide-array opportunities to grow your business.

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    I want to thank the Blimx Team for the Excellent Work that they have delivered. From the beginning to the end, the team members were professional, courteous, responsive and on time. I would recommend Blimx Services to my network and friends.

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    Blimx’s team responded well to my needs. Their monthly support is quite helpful because they provide good customer service and are very quick with their responses. Thank you for your guidance and support in helping me create my first website.

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    I have been involved with a number of national website launches during my previous career and would say I am well qualified to offer an opinion – one of respect and appreciation for the speed – quality and attention to detail you have provided.

  5. José Perez

    Started using Blimx for a WordPress design we needed for our corporate website. Not only did they get the work done and completed ahead of schedule, they were professional and collaborative at the same time. We also needed hosting at short notice. They were able to get this set up, the website transferred and ready to go in less than a day. Great to work with!

  6. Erika Cortez

    We used Blimx for our website and SEO functions and would recommend to any small business, we have been extremely happy with their work over the past 3 years and will continue to use them over the next 3 years.

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    I was recommended Blimx for my new website by a couple of friends that had their business websites made by Blimx. They were really impressed with the work so I thought I would also give them a go. I’m not very familiar with web design that I have to say they performed an outstanding job. I’ve never seen a website for my type of business that looks so good, it’s really easy for me to use and it looks like I’ve got great Google results really quickly. Blimx has done a great job with my website and I recommend them to anyone who wants a new website.

  8. Neil Jenner

    It was great working with Blimx as they delivered exactly what i was looking for in a high standard portfolio website. The aesthetics of the design were very pleasing, they provided an excellent service in which they kept me updated on the progress and how i could improve my website. and i would certainly recommend them to anyone else in need of a website.

  9. Nancy Norman

    Shape made what I had in my head come to life – but so much better.

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    Its good to know that the team at Blimx go the extra mile to make sure my advertising and website is working as hard as they are. My business has never been in better shape and is continuing to grow thanks to Blimx.

  11. Kim Bates

    Website design team were fantastic, led by George. SEO team, great work in achieving unexpected results. Big thank-you to George, for all the hard work and committment to get our business out there. Once George came on board, things moved rapidly. Great results.

  12. James Carter

    My experience is just beginning ! George has been helping test various keyword strategies for our adwords campaign. He is a great client manager.

  13. Jim Cornell

    We wanted to sell online. With a complex range of products, this was no easy task. The project came in right on budget and we’re thrilled with the result. After just one week our site is getting more sales inquiries than we could have imagined. George and his team are always professionals and explained things to us in language that we can understand. They have been up front at every stage of the project and we trust their judgement. I would recommend George and the team at Blimx to anyone.

  14. Piper Morris

    The ease of setting up the website was super simple and the communication if you have any questions is wonderful.

  15. Dylan Murray

    Blimx deserve 10 stars in my opinion, but Google only allows 5. The design, staging & launch process was extremely detailed & well thought out, I was extremely impressed with the attention to detail. The web development team produced a high quality website for my tourism business on WordPress which will allow the site to evolve. Support has been incredible as well even after the website has gone live!

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